Welcome to Dirty Laughs! Dirty Laughs is a unique, voluntary project that aims to provide surfers with a neat, easy to view website that can give them a laugh. Here at Dirty Laughs our focus is on dirty jokes, and as always, we continue to strive for excellence in this field. Our site is regularly updated, clean and easy to view, and overall contains around 5,000 dirty jokes for your laughing pleasure.

Funny Pictures
Your source of Funny Pictures and Videos
Adult Funny Pics and Babes
Adult Jokes
Jokes that are not particulary nasty or sexual, but still requires an adult audience
Bad Taste Jokes
Jokes that describes down-right bad and to most people, repulsive subjects
Bar Jokes
Jokes that are not particulary nasty or sexual, but still requires an adult audience
Bill Clinton Jokes
I did not have sexual relations that woman
Blonde Jokes
Jokes that prey on blondes and the stereotype of their stupidity
Filthy Jokes
The filthiest, dirtiest jokes on this site, all compiled into a section of its own.
Ethnic Jokes
Jokes about all ethnicities and the weird things which come to together to make them, them
Lawyer Jokes
Jokes that are not particulary nasty or sexual, but still requires an adult audience
Little Johnny Jokes
Jokes about that notorious little Johhny.
Marriage Jokes
Thinking of getting married? These jokes might just change your mind
Men Jokes
Jokes that mock and ridicule men and their related subjects online
One Liner Jokes
The best jokes are possibly the shortest. These jokes are a list of the one liner's that deserve to go down in history
Redneck Jokes
If you haven't understood any of the jokes so far, perhaps we have a joke in here about you
Religious Jokes
Christians, Jews, Muslims and more. These religious jokes have absolutely no boundaries
Viagra Jokes
Jokes about that magical pill, and all those who use it
Women Jokes
Can't live with them, can't live without them. Jokes that mock women

Remember guys, don't forget to add our site to your favorite list as we will soon be creating a number of major updates. Among those updates include a dirty jokes forum, daily dirty. crazy video's and pictures much much more. As we said previously, we hope to become the premium online humor home within the near future, but we can't do it without your help and support - so please spread the word.

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